How It Works

The aim of the Challenge is to get as many of your colleagues as possible to cycle to work over the 4 week Challenge period, from 1st to 31st May 2012.

It's not about doing the most miles. It's about getting more people to experience how much fun and how easy regular cycling to work can be. There are so many benefits - getting fit, staying healthy, saving money, feeling less stressed, and being kind to the environment. And there are some great prizes to be won for teams and individuals. More about prizes.

We are particularly encouraging new commuting cyclists to join the Challenge. See our top tips for new cyclists here.

Just join here email your colleagues, and start having some fun cycling to work!

It's easy to take part

1.  Join on the website

2.  Cycle for just 10 minutes or more to work or for work during May 2012

3.  Log your cycle trip on the website

4.  Join or create a team and encourage your colleagues to join too!

Quick facts

What trips can I log ?

Any cycle trips to work at Raynesway (or between Raynesway and other Rolls-Royce or customer or partner sites for work) for 10 minutes or more. To count towards this Challenge, trips must be logged from midnight 30th April to midnight on 31st May 2012. This includes any organised bike rides from Raynesway during the Challenge.

Who can join?

Anyone who works on the Raynesway site can join and log journeys.  Simply go to the Join Now page. Why not also create or join a team and encourage a bit of friendly competition!

What's in it for me?

Warning! the Challenge is seriously good for your health! And a lot of fun. It's a great motivator and will inspire you to do more exercise and get fitter and heathier. You will be doing your bit for the environment by saving Co2 emissions. And you can win some great prizes! More about individual prizes.

What's in it for my team?

The Challenge is great for a spot of friendly competition and team building. Getting more active can improve motivation and morale at work. And your team could win prizes, too! More about team prizes. There are 2 team sizes, size 10 and 20. You can select a team size that best suits the work unit, office/ building, department or informal group of colleagues you would like to join the Challenge, and compete against other Raynesway teams of the same size.

But I don't have a bike!

You can hire a bike and equipment for the Challenge period, for free! Reserve your bike here. If you are new to cycling in the area, come down to the Challenge Launch Day on 30th April to pick up a local cycling map, get some advice from an experienced cyclist or get a free bike safety check!

Who is behind the Challenge?

The Challenge is inspired by the Rolls-Royce Sustainable Travel Plan whose aim is to encourage employees to try alternatives to one driver car driving to work, for health and for the environment. The Challenge is being delivered by a Challenge Partnership of Rolls-Royce Group Property, Raynesway, Oce and Choose Cycling. You can find the Rolls-Royce Sustainable Travel site here.

The Raynesway Cycle Challenge is an initiative funded by Rolls-Royce and delivered by
Choose Cycling and Océ (UK) Ltd
Choose Cycling   Océ (UK) Ltd